International conference on luminescence and electron spin resonance dating

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College of Urban and Environmental Sciences The OSL ages indicate that the ridges were built between 2. This rise eroded adjacent sandstone cliffs, which contributed a significant sediment supply to the littoral drift and beaches.

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The late Holocene ages obtained in this study indicate that these processes have been active for at least the past two thousand years. This study demonstrates for the first time that OSL dating using quartz has great potential in this area, and is an appropriate method for establishing precise chronologies for coastal sediments in this region of the Gulf of St.

The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape Mongolia is an archaeological site which was included in the World Heritage list in , it bears rich archaeological evidence from several prehistoric and historic periods.

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An archaeological survey complemented by remote sensing with an unmanned aerial vehicle octocopter and by geophysical measurements by SQUID geomagnetics, ground- penetrating radar GPR , and geoelectric resistivity measurements was conducted in this region from to Ahrens et al. The survey revealed a large number of sites including fortified settlements walled enclosures and traces of agricultural activities ancient ridge and furrow structures.

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This study presents the first luminescence results that we have obtained for seven sandy clayed loam sediments associated with the walled enclosures of ancient settlements. These samples are expected to be incompletely bleached due to the manufacturing; it provides a great opportunity to investigate differences in bleaching rates of feldspar and quartz small-aliquot samples and assess their consequences on luminescence ages obtained using different age models.

ESR -Electron Spin Resonance- - principle, working & application

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Skip to content Georgina E. Chithambo I was lucky enough to be invited to give a keynote about our research on the development application of luminescence thermochronometry.

Renske, Benjamin and Nathalie get into the spirit of things for the African themed conference dinner. Svenja wins a Copernicus prize for her work on constraining feldspar kinetic parameters!