Can i hook up two amps to one capacitor

Mount an amplifier less than three feet from the car's radio or bolt it directly to the vehicle's metal chassis, and you'll hear a lot of annoying static, buzzing, and humming over your music. Amplifiers have slotted cooling fins on their surface to release internal heat that builds up. Power amps can get quite hot to the touch. When you select a location, make sure the cooling fins have plenty of space around them to dissipate heat which will radiate upward. The fins should face the sides or top of the amp.

Can I run 2 Amps off of one capacitor?

Mounting an amplifier upside down is a no-no, because the cooling fins will be on the bottom and dissipated heat will radiate back up inside the amplifier unit where it can't escape. You will also want to leave enough room around the sides of the amp to connect wiring and make adjustments for boost, crossover, and other factors. Typical amplifier mounting locations include under the passenger side dash, under a seat, or in the trunk or hatch area. There are pro's and con's to each choice.

Under the dash or seat keeps the wiring to the receiver shorter, but can be awkward to install. The seat may need to be temporarily removed. Cargo capacity can be compromised.

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  • Diagram for Wiring 1 Capacitor to 2 Amps?!

According to experts, loose or poor ground wiring is a leading cause of stereo sound system problems and underperformance. Interestingly, it's also the 1 cause of any electrical issue on a vehicle.

All amplifiers require a separate ground wire, so it is important to find an ideal spot to make that connection. One easy choice is an existing ground point. Look for a wire or cable already connected to a bolt that screws into the body or chassis.

Step #1 Is Very Important!

If you decide to create a new ground point, you will need to drill a hole NOTE! Check that you have clearance on the other side , and scrape away any paint, undercoating, etc. An appropriately-sized sheet metal screw and star washer will maximize the quality of the ground connection. With the amplifier location decided, you must now plan the running of wires from it to the battery, head unit, and speakers. If the new amp is installed in the trunk, you will need to plan a way to route the wiring from rear to front while keeping it hidden and protected.

Some partial disassembly will be required to place the wires under carpeting. Consider routing the wiring where access is easily gained, such as under door sill plates, kick panels, pillar post trim panels, and removable rear seat cushions. Usually, these components can be unscrewed or pried loose from the edges rather easily. The distro should be placed before the cap, and its job is to separate sub wire and mains wire. So let me get this straight.

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Yes, mids won't pull the sudden current that sub bass will. Use the best brand quality cap that you can afford if you insist on adding it to your system. A low ESR and quality workmanship in build is more important than farad value. Try not to introduce a problem that doesn't need to be there. Know your amps' and sub woofers' limits. This is crucial to achieve perfect precision with 4, 6, and 8 or more sub woofers. An amp that is rated at w RMS Root Mean Square, or the average watt the speaker is intended to receive and play with set for 1 ohm can power two 2-ohm subs rated at w RMS.

That same amp can power four 4ohm subs and so forth. But the more subs an amp is placed on, the less power it can give to each individual sub. In fact, you always want the power from the amp to be slightly higher than what the sub s requires; a w amp will work well with a 7 or W RMS sub.

Just make sure that the sub's peak power is rated above w. If rated under, make sure your amp's level is not too high as you can damage the sub. If you have a really powerful amp that's w RMS or higher, then you can really power multiple subs at once without any problem. Connect all subs to the same terminals in the amp.

However, depending on whether you wish to connect them in series or parallel or bridge the amp, you may only use two terminals. Refer to your amp's diagram for more specifics. These are also known as "door speakers", "vocal speakers", "6 by 5" or "6 by 9" and more. If you're trying to install more than what your car originally came with, the same rules should be applied to those of subs. Make sure your 4-channel amp can play them all without being so powerful that they damage the speakers.

Because most speakers are rated to 8 ohms, you can generally connect many speaker to one amp without any problems. Connect all mids and highs with the same power and ground.

How to strap two amps together!! Step by step tutorial!

All cars have pre-wired powers and grounds that go through the doors and the back dash. It would be foolish to run multiple wires through your door and dash to play multiple speakers with such low wattage. Connect all speakers through the adjacent speakers that are pre-wired through the car. Just make sure the power and ground are positioned properly throughout the process.

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Follow the general rule: Remote and RCA wires are always small. People tend to underestimate the amount and size of wires that they need when installing many components in a car audio systems. If you have the chance of using 6-gauge wires as your power instead of 8, then do so. It may save you a lot of time and money. Always use the biggest but most appropriate wire in case you decide to upgrade your sound system. If you previously had a W system, then that 8 gauge wire may work. But if you upgrade to more powerful amps and subs, say w, that 8 gauge will burn and melt in no time at all.

Then you will have to remove it, and rewire the car with 2 gauge wire. If you have a feeling that you may go bigger in the future, chose bigger wire.

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Multiple Wires can lead to ground noise. People with many components and wires running through their car can easily end up getting "ground noise," which is the whining sound that plays through your speakers and rises and falls with the rev of your engine. A large power wire can create massive amounts of electromagnetic interference that can be picked up by RCA's of a 4-channel, and subsequently relayed back through the radio and mids and highs as ground noise. Fix the problem by running the power wire to the left of the driver side seat and placing the amp and RCA's under the passenger seat.

Make everything color coded and neat. If power is red wire, ground is black, and remote is blue, then you will have an easier time keeping track of your wires and what they connect to.