Dating a guy who stutters

They might be the nicest person in the world behind a bit of stuttering! Why would I be embarrassed if he stutters in front of people I know? It's not something one should be ashamed about. One of our surgery tutors med school had a stutter, in my experience we all got used to it after a while and didn't really give it much thought. I've dated a deaf girl as well as a girl with a stutter.

Honestly wasn't that bad. Conversations took longer but with patience they eventually got better at talking without stuttering. Most stuttering happens when they're nervous so calming down the situation made her stutter less. I've been with my SO for a long time. Not all the time, and not even around me when I met him, but in certain situations, unfamiliar people, certain words, et cetera. Honestly, I don't even notice, I just wait for him to finish.

He's a bit quieter than me but I speak enough for the both of us half the time, I'm a little more of a chatterbox. He thinks it's all anyone notices, but it's not.

Would you date someone who stutters?

It's more like being tongue-tied, and it's no big deal. Honestly, the only speech impediment that would bother me is mumbling. I can't understand what you're saying! I'll be honest, it would depend on how much it impeded his ability to have conversation. If he plowed through and was able to show his personality and freely discuss things and was just a bit of a tic - it wouldn't matter.

But I'm not cajoling an adult into a conversation. Yep, wouldn't bother me. Though it might worry me since my SO doesn't have a stutter at the moment, so if he developed one suddenly I'd be very worried. I have a stutter occasionally. Some days or with some people I'll be completely fine but I'm a complete train wreck at other times or with other people. For me, I think it's about being completely comfortable with the person I'm talking to.

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Anyways, I have had girlfriends that I stuttered a decent amount with, they'd just giggled, they never really cared. I'm really into local comedy, and there is this young kid who has a horrible stutter and I think tourettes because he has a lot of tics too. Honestly it was a little weird adjusting to listening to him struggle speaking, but he has become one of my favorite local comedians and I look forward to seeing him on set lists. If you have to debate whether a stutter is a make or break for a relationship, I think you know the answer is ultimately no.

If you are the one with the stutter, don't be afraid of what non stutter-ers think. Sometimes we just don't know how to handle it do we help finish sentances, Etc and need a little help to understand. I used to stutter, so I understand how it fells. I would totally date someone who stutters, and if the person saw it as a problem, I would help her to stop how? I tend to overlook superficial features like that. And I myself stutter from time to time anyway.

I don't have a speech impediment but I hate my voice, so I would empathise to an extent. My dad, who is a great guy, was the only person who ever batted an eye the boyfriend and his stutter.

I promptly told my dad to stfu and that was that. We shouldn't criticize someone simply because they aren't attracted to stutterers. If you don't feel attracted to someone for such insignificant reasons, you have your priorities in life screwed. I can't choose what I'm attarcted to, that doesn't make me shallow? I never said people are able to choose. Dumb people are not dumb because of choice. And choosing who you date based on such frivolous things is shallow no matter how you put it.

I stutter since birth and I haven't noticed it's a turn-off for women. Actually most say the think it's kind of cute that I sometimes stutter.

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I don't have a very bad form of stuttering. It's not like I repeat the first letter of a word alot, the kind that I have sometimes hinders me from continuing a sentence so that the next word just won't come out. Luckily I feel it when it's about to happen so I can change my line and when it happens it mostly happens with words starting with the same letters F,H,M for example. Do you really think that people are able to choose to whom they are attracted? Who said anything about demanding perfection?

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DeadMan Follow Forum Posts: Would you date someone who stutters alot? Since it's no the person's fault or anything. What say you, OT?

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XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: Are you absolutely certain that is why, as in she said point-blank "He stutters so I don't want to date him"? Not, she doesn't want to date him, and also he stutters but that's totally unrelated? I don't think I've ever met a girl that stutters On topic, yeah I would. XilePrincess She's a friend and she said she doesn't want to date him because of many reasons, first one was that he stutters. Maybe she will date him anyways, but it's the impression she gave when it was the first thing she mentioned. One of my old friends stutters, and we got along great.

Pittfan Follow Forum Posts: If she's hot I don't care. My friend, Grant Meredith, is a repeat winner of the lecturer of the year award at his university. He credits his stuttering for making his students more attentive.

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They hang on his every word anticipating which word he is going to say next. Attend meet ups and conferences in your area to take those baby steps in building the courage to stutter openly. It is okay to find some humor in the shenanigans your stuttering gets you into. Daniele Rossi is a cartoonist and digital strategist living in Toronto, Canada. Accompanying his podcast, Daniele is the author of Stuttering is Cool: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I totally agree with all of it. Stuttering really can drive self-improvement. Now just for the hard bit to put it into, erm, action…. How can we be tough when we have trouble expressing ourselves or saying what's on our minds? It takes real courage and toughness to get through those tough words.

The fact that we still say what we intend to say is shows how courageous and tough we are. First Name Last Name. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free. Please Login to comment.

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