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As always, it's a pleasure having you for Tea Time. Hope you have a delightful week. Your tea cup is amazing. I have always wanted one like that, sadly to expensive for me. Thank you for sharing it. Hello, I agree, this is really an outstanding lovely cup. So pretty with the little forget-me-not. Thank you for sharing your treasures. What a sweet, sweet teacup! One I've never seen before with the molded handle. It looks like forget-me-nots on it.

Oh my but your tea cup is really special! I love the colors as well as the shape. I don't see flower handles very often, and yours is so pretty!

The flower on the handle is the BEST!!! Thank you for linking up and Happy Tea Tuesday! Lovely teacup - flowers are so sweet. Thanks for pointing out the error in my spooky blog post! Let's share a cup of tea and talk about the things we love Fleur I am so shocked you havent come across any vintage gems in your local charity shops, I work as retail development co ordinator for a chain of 19 shops and all my vintage comes from our shops……we also have lots of lovely china quite often from house clearances we carry out, do let me know if there is anything special you would like me to look out for….

I completely understand your obsession being tea set collector myself.

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I managed to snag myslef a complete Royal Vale and also a Winston set in a charity shop up in Peterborough not so long ago I did a blogpost about them and I'm always on the hunt for more. I volunteer at a local charity shop http: We don't always get full sets, but there's probably a lot that might interest you. What sweet finds, we recently found an idea of reusing old china cups and saucers as little plant pots for spring bulbs especially little crocuses.

Oh, and I'm clumsy. What I absolutely love though is the "Homemaker" china range which was originally sold in Woolworths. I only have one plate though, a side plate, but hey… It's just so adorable with all the little pictures of 50s furniture on it! Oh my dear god, girl after my own heart. I drink a cup of tea in the morning and again around 2: Keeps me going throughout the day.

I have my grandmother's tea set and I just love it. Where are your shops??

Art Deco Bone China Tea Sets and Teacups

I promise there is nothing remotely vintage in any of the shops around here, all high street labels etc. I do keep a closer eye on the independents though. Oh, I've seen that china but didn't know what it was called. I haven't seen it in real life though — if I do, I'll snap it up for you!

TWO cups a day?! How do you manage! I need at least 4… pints! I don't drink it from little teacups, not enough in there for me! Fleur, these are such lovely pieces, and I think it's a smashing idea to share them via the rental idea.

As for my own "collection," I have inherited my grandmother's china, both a mismatched bunch she used when family gathered on a casual Sunday, and her more formal set, which I never saw her use, but admired in awe in her china cabinet; it is really romantic Royal Albert china with these lovely violets on it. I've , somewhere in the house and don't really know where you will understand why when i finish a playing cards deck.

I've found it in my old house and play many time without see a stamp on the heart ace. It's a friend of mine who discover the truth about this deck. On the ace there is a nazi stamp with svastika. The explanation is simple, my house was the ancient notary desk till 50s. And like all notary desk nazis have requisitioned it during war , especially here in Alsace.

So when they gone one forget his cards deck in the house. Since my friend discover that i hide it and now i don't remember where.

Vintage china with an unknown past: Melba China Company | Nancy's Vintage China

In the same spirit, my father has burned two nazi flags founded in the cellar. I think its was the notary desk flags. My years old house has many stories, it's for that i love it. I started drooling over your collection when I saw it on flickr! You've found some beautiful pieces. I know nothing about china except what looks lovely! My mum and I collect tea-cups but I don't know much about any of them. Maybe I should try to do a little research!


I have a vintage clothing online boutique so enjoy reading your posts. Oh my, your blog is magical!

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I'm so happy that I stumbled upon it tonight. In good condition throughout, despite being around years old. Absolutely exquisite, excellent quality and outstanding styling. Finished in vibrant yellows and with black edges rather than gilt, superb. In good condition apart from a little staining and one or two rubs. Gorgeous art-deco styling and strong blue decoration make these really special.

We love the shaping throughout the set, and the way the flowers wind around the saucers. Wonderful trio - in great condition and with superb art deco styling. The design repeats across the plate, saucer and teacup and the colours are hand-applied which make it even more special. Art-deco style in abundance, with lovely hand-painted enamelled detailing and a pattern which repeats through the plate cup and saucer to make a very handsome trio.

The tea plate is square, which also adds to the style of the piece. There are one or two minor firing marks on these, but this is just part of the manufacturing process and part of their charm. Gorgeous green teapot from Paragon. In good condition and perfect for everyday use.