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Myth #1: Bisexual People Aren’t Dating Material

Bisexual people, especially bisexual women, are often sexualized: The sexualization stems from visualizing bisexuality not as a sexual identity on par with heterosexuality or homosexuality, but as a sex act. There may be other things about your bi partner that may make them undateable. Being bi is not one of them.

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Being attracted to multiple genders allows bisexuals to be attracted to individuals for far more than just their physical appearance. Honest dialogue that breaks down insecurities will always deepen trust in relationships.


Vulnerability is a cornerstone to a healthy and successful relationship. Being able to sit with your potential bi partner and discuss the parameters of your relationship will be an effective trust-building exercise. Bisexual people are attracted to people of the same gender, as well as people who are not their gender. Bisexual people can date transgender people, genderqueer individuals, and anyone else on the gender spectrum.

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Polyamorous couples come in all different varieties. There are straight, gay, and even bisexual polyamorous couples and individuals. In fact, many bi individuals are quite selective in whom they choose for romantic or sexual relationships.

The 7 Types Of People You Date As A Bisexual

The distrust of bisexual people often stems from the perceived flippancy of the status. Bisexual people are always bisexual. The sweet thing about this, and something that was instantly noticeable, was that it's not queer people reacting to the straight gaze.

It's queer people in a space with each other, not having to explain their identity, and feeling supported. One of the cast members has never been on a date before, period. But he had a group of people there to give him advice and cheer him on.

I think people found it really supportive. I watched the first episode yesterday and it's so heartwarming. What do you think are some of the unique challenges that bisexual people face when dating? It depends on the gender Talking with Ryan, he described himself as being emotionally attracted to men and sexually attracted to women.

Bisexuality - Wikipedia

Or do we just have good banter? Because bisexual people almost have a foot in the gay and the straight world, their friends can misunderstand them too. They can be a lot into men and a little bit into women, or any combination. Was that part of the goal for you? I just think that having that visibility and starting that conversation on a channel like E! What do you think about that?