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Above all, he will not like a woman who lies, complains all the time and brings drama with her wherever she goes. To him, this is unfair and unjust, and you will see him running away as fast as he can. So if your eyes are set on a Libra man, be sure to be the balance that will help him keep his sanity and happiness, and simply, love him with all your heart. The results will blow you away, and things will never be the same again. You are intelligent, lovely, and have a great life. So what is a girl to do? One of the characteristics of Libra males is that they smell a fake a mile away.

The girl he wants is a girl who knows herself, not one who will change herself to make a man happy. Dating a Libra is really easy because you just have to be yourself. Do you truly want to date that Libra man? Libra is one of the most sensual signs, so touch him. Hug him hello, or brush that piece of fluff off his sweater! If it feels right, go ahead and kiss him. What does he like? Do you like it, too? Well then, suggest you like it together! Help him see how well you fit into his life. Insert yourself into it instead.

You want to win your Libras heart forever. You may fall in love with them, as well. Keep living your life. If you find someone else you like, go out with Guy 2. Libras will respect you more for seeking your own happiness. If he asks what you did last night, tell him about your date. Libras do have a competitive streak, so letting him know that he has competition may actually work in your favor. This is just generally good advice.

Not only are smiles nice to look at, but studies have shown that smiling helps you feel more confident. Libras love confident women. Understand that a Libra man wants to be a part of your life. Invite him to parties and family barbecues. Your Libra is connected to all your people as well as you. Are you passionate about a cause? Go ahead and tell him why you want to save the whales!

But if you have a sweater you know looks great on you, wear it. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact! Remember, Libras love genuineness. Good eye contact is a huge turn on for them. If you get up every morning and run 5 miles, keep doing that, even if your Libra is a couch potato. He fell for you knowing that you take care of yourself.

Keep your body language open. Holding your arms crossed over your chest, or sitting hunched over, makes you seem closed off. Good posture and feeling comfortable taking up space will invite your Libra man in. Wear his favorite color unless it looks awful on you. Your new Libra invites you to do something that sounds like as much fun as watching paint dry.

Be the person that you like most. Be your best you; the person you most want to be. Libra men respond well to you loving yourself.


The good news is that you are an amazing woman whether he realizes it or not. So carry yourself that way. Keep your head high and move through the room with pride and confidence. Libras love a woman who knows her worth! Try this method and get him to spend the rest of his life devoted only to you. Libra men are of the kindest you will ever meet.

To get to know a Libra man well, and to build a strong connection with him, you first need to understand his unique sensibilities. They are very peaceful beings. A rare mix of charm and charisma, they rarely lose their temper or show negative emotions. Getting a Libra man to open up is not as tricky a task as it may seem.

By nature, they like to keep everything in their lives even keel. What this means is that even though they might have great affection for you, and appreciate everything you do, they do require a little help to show how they feel. As I mentioned earlier, a Libra man not only rarely loses his temper, he is inherently relaxed and projects an inner peace. This Zen is a great asset to his romantic relationships. Not only will he be able to communicate calmly in a fight or any negative situation, but he will work his hardest to bring down the temperaments of those nearest to him as well.

One way to get your guy to open up is by showing him that you too possess that peaceful easy feeling. By showing him that you are both peacemakers, he will immediately feel more comfortable being with you. Libra men feel a lot more attached to women who know who they are, and who can share their easy-going attitude.

Taurus Woman

There is no better thing to do in a relationship with a Libra than to tell him how much you care for them. Take a chance and let him know how you feel. If you are dating, let him know how much you care about him. Libra men are known to be quite charming. They readily make friends with almost anyone they meet. Not even a little. It is in their nature to have a need to be liked and loved. This can be a great advantage to start a conversation that will get him to open up.

Let him tell you about his friends — male and female. Listen to what he has to say about them. More likely than not, you will learn more about him than about his friends in the conversation. He will feel more comfortable opening up when speaking about things that he cares about. A Libra man sees good in everyone he meets. To your guy, there is no such thing as a flaw, just something unique to your particular personality.

In their mind, you are perfect, inside and out. This unique Libra trait gives you the chance to nurture your self-confidence. Self-confidence is something that your Libra finds intoxicatingly attractive. Like definitely attracts like. Your man is a true romantic! A Libra man is the modern-day equivalent of a medieval prince charming. They love to romanticize and are prone to feeling like a knight in shining armor. They have an innate desire to make you feel like a queen. His goal is to please you and make you happy. When he succeeds, tell him! Let him know that his actions are in fact pleasing you and making you happy.

Show him that you are enjoying his company and would not trade him for anyone. Being grateful and recognizing positive behaviors will give him the incentive to keep doing all the things you like. Having a Libra man as your partner can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They are calm and emotional beings that love to make you feel good. They feed off of your positive energy and try to maintain a sense of balance in all areas of their life. These ideal traits make it a lot easier to have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Use your understanding of his particular personality traits to your advantage by showing him that you too look for the best in everything and everyone. Let him know that you are also looking for a calm and trusting relationship. Find out right now how you can make him commit and become yours forever. Falling in love with the romantic Libran can be easy enough without the stars lining up and giving them that extra glow of confidence and charisma.

Today, you will learn what is so attracting about a Libra man, and how understanding their inner romantic can help you seduce him fast. Of all the Libra traits, this one is one of my favourite. How could you not fall head over heels for someone that seems to have stepped out of a time machine from the past and constantly sweeps you off of your feet? Librans are known for their grand romantic gestures, their seduction and their very sweet and tender nature. What does this mean for you? The stars are in perfect alignment for the every romantic Libra, to fall in love that much more quickly!

This past weekend was full of romantic surprises and lavish gifts for your Libra- he was full of romantic energy, and just needs someone to share it with. In the upcoming weeks, from mid-February until the end of the first week or so of March, your Libra will continue to exude this romantic energy. He will be dripping with charm, and everything he does will seem just that much sexier. He will also be looking to re-invent himself.

Possibly a new haircut, or shopping for a new outfit are on the agenda. Your dream guy is a Romantic. Being a Romantic can be a double-edged sword. Being in love with love can have downfalls. Libra men are constantly falling head-over-heels in love, over and over and over again. Yes, this does sound ridiculous, but it is also genuine! They are truly, in their hearts, bodies and minds, falling in love every single time.

Your guy is just that in love with love. The best way to do this is to recognize his Libran traits. He wants you to recognize that he is a romantic. He wants you to know that he does try to go that extra mile to woo the woman in his life. If you see him going out of his way to be sweet, tell him it caught your attention. A Libra man will also always want to please.

This is in his optimist nature. He wants everyone to happy, always. The star sign Libra is often associated with the scale. The best thing you can do in these situations is help your guy find that balance. This can be in any part of his life as Libra men are happiest when they have perfect work-relationship balance.

When their work environment is balanced, they work better. When their home life is balanced, they are able to love more fully. When they are also achieving a successful personal life and private life balance, they are better able to focus on their relationships. A Libra mans need to make sure everyone is happy and everything is balanced can be helped, with your support. If you see him struggling with pleasing every party and he just seems overwhelmed or stressed, he could be suffering from not seeing the big picture.

Instead of trying to show him the big picture, instead, show him that, every party, is in fact happy. The same can be done in all realms of his life. Sometimes the Libra guy just needs a sit down and to be reminded that he already solved the problem and did the work.

He is often so busy trying to please everyone he gets distracted from the task at hand. This can mean so many incredible things for your future. This surprisingly easy method is so fast and simple, but it is also extremely effective. If you know that your Libra is ready to start the next chapter in his life with you, you need to act fast. Watch this video , and start living your happily ever after now. It all happens so fast! You could be anywhere, and all of a sudden, you see them, and you know. You know deep down inside that there is something about that one specific person thats different.

You start obsessing about everything. What happens next is harder. You have to wait until you see them again. You want nothing more than for him to remember you. Basically as soon as he knows he has you "hooked". I was swept off my feet early in the relationship--he was so genuine and kind. I also thought he was the perfect fit for me as I finally felt that peace and harmony in my life as well.

I was in fairytale land for the first several months. And then he started acting very aloof, unaffection, and I even started noticing his appreciation for other woman. Wherever we would go he would nonchalantly check out other woman in front of me. It wasn't just a quick glance. I'll never forget we were standing in line and this girl was wearing very short shorts and he tried to looked down so that he can get a quick look. I pretended to turn and then realized he was checking her out from her legs up to the top.

My heart sank and I couldn't beli eve he did this in front of me. Oh and to also respond to the woman above Libras don't like PDA. But eventually even getting them to be affectionate at home is impossible. They will never initiate this so if you're prepared to always be the dominate one in the relationship, the Libra man may be the one for you. He was also impossible to make important decisions with, he was like the "dreamer" in the relationship and I was the realist.

He had a very unorganized lifestyle and horrible with his finances which I also discovered later in the relationship. You will see many new traits that weren't apparent while you're spending limited hours together. They have a very selfish the world revolves around them attitude. But again, he is just "sweeping you off your feet" so you will not see these traits until later. The only thing I can say positive is they are very respectful to their waiters. But when you wait on them at home, eg. I am a Taurus woman and my husband is a Libra. We've been married for 3 years now but counting from the time we dated it's been 8 years in total.

Suppose to be 9 if we didn't break up the first year thinking I was too young then and he wasn't committed at the time. The first year we met, I'm not sure we were an item but definitely there were chemistry, connection, and a lot of attraction between us. Although in the first year he never told me how he feels toward me but his body language said a lot.

But for us woman we need to be initiate, assure and some sort of security. He's the type who was very afraid of talking about his feeling. I wasn't the pushy type or anything but at the time my girlfriends were deathly worried about me afraid I was going to be play by this Libra man. Our thing lasted only for a month and a half. I was very depressed because I like him a lot. We didn't see each other until a year later and that's when we got back together and took our re lationship serious. The first couple years were very tough for us due to family differences and finance.

It has been a struggle but we made it through tears, enduring, and patience. Today, we are a happy, loving, peaceful couple. I'm sure every relationship is like a rollercoaster we still have our moments when we're not on the same page. We are so opposite! Our argument is very rare since I am very patience and enduring and he is able to forgive and compromise.

Living with a Libra for many years I learned that they don't show their weak side to those who are not close to him. My husband, coming from a divorced family is not close to his family at all.

How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with A Taurus Woman

It is only me who he asks for help. He is very nice, kind, and generous but he will never admit when he's jealous or controlling. Those of you say Libra can't make up their mind, true, they are very indecisive but if the partner is dominant in making the decision like us Taurean, the Libran will admire us for our decision making. Also to those of you that are afraid Libra is very social-flirty they are only like that when they haven't find their right mate yet.

Once they find their true love they are very committed, caring, understanding and loving. We are the perfect pair like two halves find its whole because both of our star is the planet, Venus. It is true, we love fine dining, movies, and wines. We also like hiking, traveling, and we both are center attention of parties lol.

We have a great special bond, incredible sex , intense attraction and amazing connection even to this day! Myself as a Taurus, I am truly blessed and the luckiest wife in the world to be married to my Libra husband. I don't think Libra can last long with any other sign other than Taurus. We are meant to be. To those of you; any signs, wants to be with a Libra man you need patience and enduring affection. I'm a Taurus female and have known a Libra male for about 5 yrs now.. I lost my virginity to him.

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I don't kno what da future holds for the both of us but I know he is in my life for a reason.. To the Taurus who wrote above saying Libra can't last long with any other sign than taurus. What were the body language signs he was showing you at the beginning and what was attraction signs he displayed to you? Im a Taurus woman and dating a Libra guy..

At first I was finding him really very charming and he had everything I always wanted to be in my dream boy. Its taking long time for me to accept the way he is. He is yet charming and very sincere at times but I still think our romance could have been much better. I love going out and all and seems like he prefer to stay at home. This is becoming another big issue for me because I cant stop my self to go out so Im socializing with my friends and colleagues though I would have love to have his company with me.

I think he thinks a lot and being as a Taurus I just prefer to listen to my heart. I am not losing hope because we still are at the beginning of the relationship and need to learn more about him. Im just hoping that Im able to tell him soon that he needs to show me some efforts and that mi ght help me to settle my mind.

He does have some charming attitude which drives me crazy, the physical attraction is very high between us. The issues are very silly but getting on my nerves because its difficult to make him understand that how I feel. He feels pressurized if I want something on my own way and the biggest conflict is there that being a Taurus I do not like changes in my habits.

Its really funny at times and more challenging for me. Im an optimistic person and up for trying harder because I really fancy this Libra guy. Replying to the above question. I hope my story don't mislead any of you to think the body languages were sex. He actually was very respectful. He didn't force me at all.

And I don't mean to offend anyone here. What I really mean was he didn't have to tell me how he feels toward me. He was comfortable with me to show how he feels such as holding hands, cuddling, shouldering, legging, all those little flirty things that a couple do. That's what I meant. If you are comfortable with each other you just feel right for each other.

And we both did!! I am a Libra male Libra 2 week of Society getting ready to date a Taurus for the first time and I already see sparks flying and haven't even seen her yet, I saw those big Taurus eyes and that shy smile I knew that this woman is going to bear all my children!! Yea I sometimes can't make up my mind but when it comes to who I am loving and caring for it doesn't take a genius to see that these signs under the Venus planet where born to love each other and coexist as if one soul!! I am a Taurus Female and he a Librian. He recently broke up with me for another woman, also Taurus.

And before me, he dated a Taurus. So clearly he is attracted to Taurus! However, I think where the problem lies is in our moon signs - I am Pisces moon, he is Sagittarius. So I am over sensitive and he is flighty. His previous girlfriend was a Leo moon and his current is an Aries moon.

It seems that both these moon signs compliment his better than mine did. What is your experience? For those of you whose relationships worked, what is his moon sign and what is yours?

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And the same question to those if you whose relationships didn't work. And if you don't know your moon sign, what were your personality characteristics that worked with him and against him? I am a Taurus woman and my fiance is a Libra guy. We are madly in love with a baby. Libra men and Taurus woman are made for each other. I am a Taurus female who is wild over a Libra male. After a year of flirting we are still not even in the same state, and he captivates me.

The initial attraction when we met was electric, we talked for hours, but I decided that more than two years younger was too young so I didn't talk to him for months after we parted. I have little tolerance for men with low maturity. He contacted me and after a few emails simmering in unsaid tension.

The only weapon in my arsenal is modesty and indifference. It is true what they say: He wil resent it. Here is a hint: Lucky for me or him, however you look at it, I am a bi-sexual Taurus his constant flirting with women really just turns me on. If I am honest, I would admit I'm doing it too.

No sex yet either. I am feeling an urge to keep him. Unfortunat ely if I cement the plan I'll have make sure he doesn't know it until he's in our well appointed house eating a homemade pie off of fine silver in a dining room I just cleaned. Who can argue logic with a mouth full of pie?

We have been together for almost ten years and married for four. We have two children together. We have always been happy but I think once the economy took a turn for the worst so did our relationship. We have never split until June of this year. We are back together but everyday seems so different. I wanna restore the love that I once had but it seems so far away. Am I just doing it for the sake of the kids.

Libra boys always seem to be attracted to me.. I'm a Taurus girl and we always get on well but it's never been turned into something secure. For example, my best guy friend in middle school for awhile was a Libra and we were so damn flirtatious with each other, and eventually got closer. But we never went to the next level, never dated. Three years later, a new Libra guy has taken the place of my BGF and even if he's a great friend, something is always missing with him..

The attraction is always there but it's never been deep or profound. The Libra male I Taurus female am dating is quite a quandry to me. We met online 7 years ago and went on a few dates. He was always a modest gentleman, polite and easy going. When he kissed me, I did not feel sparks or an instant attraction. After dates I sort of lost interest and moved on.

We have remained friendly and in touch. Six months ago he sort of came back into my life and began doing small things like helping with my honey-do list and various little things. I am a single mother and thought that was charming. I had just broken up with a man who I'd been dating for over a year. We became closer and I saw a possibility of a future with this man. Though I am sell trying to decide where I am at with my feelings, I can tell you this Libra's drawbacks: He is wishy-washy over any big decision.

He is not an adept communicator. He does not verbally express his love, nor does he take charge sexually. He seems to want hugs all the time while I want to be physically close and share passion. You can count on him for small things, but he has fear of commitment in other more serious areas. He is very self-involved and a workaholic. He loves his mother to the nth degree and he is somewhat immature.

Taurus woman wants security, passion, dependability, and a very close emotional connection. I get fed up with his immaturity and he makes the same dumb jokes over and over and over. With him I would be financially secure, but our relationship would lack the stimulating emotional connection that I want very much to share with a mate. I think I may be going back to try again with my Capricorn male, who is very exciting and expressive and with whom I share an unbelievable soul connection.

Capricorn makes me laugh and feel good and we do fun things together, but Capricorn has far to go with his finances which is troubling for a Taurus single mother! No decisions made yet, but I think Libra will vote me to pieces and leave me wanting more that I will never receive. I am a Taurus woman 25 dating a Libra man 27 for 8yrs its always up and down with us and Im getting to the point my patience has ran out We 1st started out as friends 5yrs strickly platonic and I got to know and love him as a friend 1st.

We would go out and he would pay no problem and has always been a gentleman for the most part, which I always found to be a very attractive trait. We were so open and honest with each other that he even would tell me about the ladies he would date mostly 2 or more at a time and I would give him advice when he asked.

I was even honest with him and would ask him for a male propective on issues with a guy I might me seeing at the time.. I soon saw him as 1 of my best male friends, even as a self-proclaimed "womanizer" at times he would tell me his secrets like he had a "only hit it 2 times" policy he would use for women that he deemed "not worthy of a relationship status" he would always joke but I was sure that was always some truth behind that There was a yr period when he got into a serious relationship with a woman not sure her sign but it ended really, really badly and I could tell he was heartbroken He started finding excuses to stop by which I found cute and he would bring me lil gifts when he came by for me and my son and I started opening up to him..

I felt like I had my best friend, soulmate, and future husband all in 1! I then started to get worried that it was other women back in his life, knowing his past, but I was soo in love I tried to not pressure him because he would say I worry to much, constantly asking him questions, or what I thought was showing that I care would just send him back to hermit mode because he would then go off, disappear for days at a time, or accuse me of doing the samethings like cheating, so I tried being supportive even looking for new jobs for him, be a good woman, show him that I can be his friend and lover..

Since then Ive tried to find other things to keep my preoccupied, I work, have my own house, car, and care for my son as a single mother but I cant say that I don't see him being the best father figure to my son going down the road that he is traveling I would have to say that what hurts me the most is knowing that after having someone in your life for 8yrs, a rollercoaster ride to say the least, it starts to wear on you, loving soo hard, investing so much time and effort into someone that doesn't show you their appreciation let alone even pay you a compliment and still not ready to be serious is a big problem with me I am a Libra male, dating a Taurus female for one year and four months now.

I absolutely love her with every ounce of my heart. I love buying her thing and doing all I can for her. My only problem is she does not show affection that much. I often feel the need for more affection. She told me she is not very affectionate, but sometimes its hard for me. The sex is amazing, and I always want to have sex with her. I hate it cause sometimes I feel like the female when it comes to the time we spend together. I don't let her know how I feel, cause I don't want to come off as weak.

Hi know this is weird but would like some advise I am a Taurus 18 I am independent graduated early working two jobs love working and do everything. Anyway I don't know why but I am and always been attracted to older men.. Anyways just a couple months ago I met a older Libra and I guess maybe that he was giving me attention and maybe I enjoyed that. He's really charming and sincere and I find him really good looking. I felt so attached after a couple times I went to see him at work where he is a manger at a bowling alley.

That I would go to bring him yummy salads but truthfully to see him. It is such a close attraction I mean I have had some encounters with a few older men. But nothing that I went forward with because I feel like I'm really different from everyone else. Anyway I felt like I couldn't be away so I wanted to visit more and stuff. So I figured he had an idea that I was interested so I had taken some pictures on my iPhone and one day last week I went th ere and was showing him the pictures before the sexual ones and pretended to use the restroom anyway he saw them and said was I supposed to look and I pretended to say Omgosh no way but secretly planned it and I was trying to show I was embarrassed and I knew he liked it then he kept pacing back and forth.

So then later on in the night I was sitting and he came and sat down and said do you have more pics and I said yea and showed him then he said so why did you show me, well it's weird and I don't know how to express myself but I find you very attractive and have a close bond with you. Generally It would take forever but I felt this bond fast. Anyways he's 55 And married I know thats bad know old but I like him a lot. So he I guess I didn't want to drive home in the rain so he said he would follow me to make sure I get home alright and that we were going to park on the side before entering the freeway so we stopped at jack and the box and stepped in his car while talking for thirty minutes.

He felt very close and I am very attracted so then he said I want to kiss you and I am little shy in that field so we kissed like the French and man I felt turned on and uhhmm.. Ya so we wentfor a drive then came back to the same parking lot where my car was and kissed again and man it stuck to me. So I got home safe and couldn't stop thinking about the kiss and everything. And I can just visualize everything I don't know why I feelrhis way but I really hope it doesn't change.

But we text a lot.

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And I will try to keep this thing we have. I am a Taurus Woman who had my heart broken by a Libra man.. When we first met, he adored me. It was almost too much. He always called me first and contacted me first. He always wanted to be around me!! Hed show up at my job to see me when I didn't get back ro him quick enough.. But I had trust issues.. And when I mentioned it to him he got upset and said "I didn't want to be in a relationship wiht him but get mad when he flirs with other girls..

But by then it was too late! And he left me for the girl he was always flirting with.. And He also said some horrible things about me that I never imagined him ever saying!!! And I retaliated and said some horrible things back.. And he had the nerve to come to my place of work with the girl he left me for!! That previous night I called him drunk telling him I loved him and he left me for her and I didn't understand" He just kept saying that I put it on myself because I didn't trust him and didn't want to date him This was almost a year ago.

I havent talked to him since Im still not over it! Honestly I don't trust Libra people period after this. We've always had a crush on each other and a magnetism toward each other Ha this is exactly what I am doing to my libra!! I hope maybe he feels the same as you and thats why we are having problems. I know ive told him I was scared to start a relationship and wanted to take things slow because I thought he felt the same way.

He already has a kid when I have never had many serious relationships in my life at all! I like him so much that im too nervous to start a relationship,I have been thinking that with all the space and time he has givin me that he was not ready for a relationship either or he would have already made me his girl by the way he showed affection in the beginning.

Call her, if she doesn't have a phone drive to her house, if she isnt home, find her! Me and my Libra got into a fight a few days ago, I miss him soo much but have no idea what to say to him, I was going to just go to his house and see him and pretend like everything was normal and we hadnt been fighting just so I could see him but I still havent, maybe today I will, I feel like maybe he doesn't wanna see me.

I feel like if he wants a relationship and has as strong of feelings for me as I have for him he will come tell me , and I will be his girlfriend happily: D, but I have a feeling if I am not the one to go after him this time, that he wont be coming for me either. I think I will go find him today and tell him how I feel so at least I know I wasnt the one to mess things up with mis communication.

Even when we wernt fighting I know I acted like I didn't like the cuddling and the romantic stuff sometimes, but I really like it more then he could ever imagine I just cant let him know that because he can already sees when his charm is working anyways, and now I feel very alone and unwanted now that he has "Slowed things down" like I thought I "wanted". I really hope he notices how much I still care if I cant find the nerve to tell him, I hope he runs after me no matter how far I run, be ecause when you are a Taurus girl and in love you seem to run farther away just to make sure he will still follow , just to make sure he is still in the race even.

Wow I don't think ive ever thought so hard in my life, maybe this guy really is special to me, if I am answering some strangers question on a blog I have never met. In a perfect world you would be my Libra and you would know now how I feel so I don't have to wait around untill one of us does something about it! I hope this advice helps you, I hope my Libra is thinking the same way as you or im screwed lol.

Good luck please let me know how things turn out. Please find her , because if she is like me, she is probably thinking about you this very moment wishing you were with her: I Taurus am, 24 years old, dating my Boyfriend Libra for 2 years now Because I've only heard of one case that a couple has the same week as my guy and I. For those of you who don't know a Libra 2 is a Libra born in the week of oct and a Taurus 3 is a Taurus born in the week of may I want to hear those particular stories ONLY!!!!

I'm a proud Libra and Dated 3 Taurus women. Libra women are boring and too easy.. I feel like im totalli head over heels for himm. I feel like he's been threw a lot in his life and I just want to be there for him. I remember when we first met and we just couldnt get our eyes off each other..

I feel like he's my perfect match. I can see myself one day married to him with a child still deciding on that! I feel like he still teaches me things that I should already know.. I remember when I first started dating him and I kept my guard up I thought he couldnt be trusted.. I gave him the cold sholder and he still ended up falling inlove with me..

I love him forever and alwaysss!!! S if yu have a Libra guy.. I just met a Libra male on pof, a dating site. I am a Taurus woman.

Libra man Taurus woman

I have never dated a Libra before so I came on here to read what others relationships were like. It seems as though most are happy with the pairing while there are a few who say run. I have only spoken to him once so far on the phone. I do know this. I felt so comfortable with him instantly. I did not want our conversation to end. We are going on our first date on Sunday. He seems like a gentlemen with a good head on his shoulders. I really hope it works out for us. He said he is a committed person who falls hard and does not cheat. I am interested to see where this will lead.

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I specialize in providing fast and accurate relationship readings delivered by email. These are designed to show exactly how compatible you are with a given partner and explore everything about your relationship, including a detailed analysis of your personality and your partner's personality.

Find out what astrology has to say about your unique partner and relationship beyond just sun signs. By understanding someone and how they view things it's easy to make yourself more attractive to them. Explore hidden factors such as physical attraction so you can see the whole picture of your relationship.

Libra man and Taurus woman

Personal relationship advice based on your natal and composite charts. Astrology can let you learn more about someone you recently met. It's the most powerful tool I've found to predict the future of a relationship. Avoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths. It's never too late to begin again. For the first time in years you feel alive.

My unbiased and anonymous analysis takes the gamble out of deciding what to do. How does it work? How accurate is it? Why are there 12 signs? An introduction to synastry and compatible astrology. Terms and conditions Privacy policy About Contact. Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am Libra man and Taurus woman. How to know if you're with your soulmate.